Suspected Substance Abuse Protocol

Policy Number: 
5/13/2013, 7/2020
7/2020 BOT approved 8/2020

When it is suspected that an individual is under the influence of substance(s) or may be abusing substance(s), the following protocol should be followed:

When the MTSA representative meets the suspected individual for the first time after an allegation, the representative should ask the individual if there is anything they would like to voluntarily share regarding the allegation. If there is an admittance of substance abuse from the individual, there may be an opportunity for an employee to be rehired in the future, after rehabilitation.

After the initial confrontation with the MTSA representative, the suspected individual must not be left unsupervised while on campus. The suspected individual must be transported to the drug testing facility by their designated emergency contact or through arrangements made by MTSA administration. Once at the facility, the suspected individual is then supervised by the personnel there. Under no circumstances should a suspected individual be allowed to drive a vehicle at this point.

The first specimen collected by the facility will be unobserved by a witness (per the protocol of the specimen collection facility). This gives the suspected individual the benefit of the doubt. If the personnel at the specimen collection facility determine that the first specimen submitted is not within normal limits (i.e. is “too hot” or “too cold”), and they suspect that it may have been tampered with or altered, then a second specimen must be collected that is witnessed.

After the specimen collection by the facility, the suspected individual should be transported to his home, either by MTSA personnel or a taxi. If a taxi is utilized, the cost for this will be at an added expense to the individual. By ensuring that the suspected individual did not drive but yet was transported safely to his home, MTSA has performed its duty to protect the individual’s safety, as well as the safety of others. Even after ensuring the suspected individual has been safely transported to his or her home, they should be advised not to drive until at least 24 hours have passed, or the results of the analysis are known. If the suspected individual refuses transportation arrangements provided by MTSA, Administration reserves the right to notify the proper authorities of the potential risk to the general public.

It will take at least 24 hours for initial specimen analysis and the return of results to the specimen collection facility. Per the specimen collection facility procedures, if a Medical Review Officer needs to be consulted regarding the results, this will occur prior to the return of official results to the specimen collection facility and may take a few days. After the specimen collection facility receives the final results, they will contact specified personnel at MTSA to report the results.

The suspected individual may not return to work until the specimen results are known. If the specimen is negative AND if no Medical Review was needed, the employee should be allowed to return to work without further action taken or loss of clock hours.