Recruitment, Employment, and Evaluation of Non-Faculty Employees

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Recruitment: Each department is responsible for notifying the VP of F & A of additional personnel needs. These needs for non-faculty appointments are then brought before PRC. At that time, PRC will discuss budget support for the open position, as well as options for internal promotion or lateral movement. If no such options are available, or are declined, the VP of Advancement and Alumni posts the job opening to external employment websites as well as the MTSA website. Upon closing the application period, resumes are reviewed by a screening team and interviews are scheduled. These screening teams are created by the head of the department soliciting a new employee and may consist of heads of other departments. After concluding the scheduled interviews, the screening team meets to make a final selection. The VP of Finance and Administration, or their designee, makes a formal offer to the selected applicant.

Employment: Once a job has been accepted, a new employee orientation commences. This is driven by a new hire checklist that is completed by the appropriate departments in order to onboard the new employee in a seamless and effective manner.

Evaluation: Every December, non-faculty employees are asked to complete the MTSA evaluation form. This process requires the employee to rate their performance for the active year, complete the column titled “Outcomes” and set goals for the upcoming year. Upon completion, the non-faculty employee schedules a meeting with their direct supervisor to review the evaluation form and discuss the goals set for the upcoming year. Once completed, the evaluation form is given to the VP of Finance and Administration for inclusion in the non-faculty employee’s personnel file.