Organization and Board of Trustees Organizational Chart


Middle Tennessee School of Anesthesia owes its origin and early development and direction to Bernard Bowen, CRNA, DNSc, who founded the school in 1950 and was its director until he retired in 1980. The purpose for founding the School was to offer a place where Seventh-day Adventists could be assured they would not have to attend classes on the seventh day Sabbath, which is Saturday. In keeping with this heritage and legacy, individuals representing MTSA are expected to be respectful of the Sabbath hours, (sunset Friday to sunset Saturday), when participating in any events. Those of other faiths always have been and will continue to be welcome in this environment.

Currently, the School is a 501(C)(3) non-profit, religious, public benefit corporation. The School as a corporation will have members made up of incumbent Board of Trustees of the School (See Charter, Section 8). The Board of Trustees is the highest level of institutional authority and the legal voice of the institution and as such, maintains oversight of the operation of the School to fulfill the purposes for which it was created. The Board of Trustees is organized as follows:

Board of Trustees Organizational Chart

Board of Trustees Organizational Chart

The MTSA Organizational Chart depicts the flow of information, communication, and direct lines of authority from the Board of Trustees to all faculty, staff, and employees. This organization facilitates effective and timely decision-making and communication among all individuals responsible for educating the next generation of CRNAs.