Food & Entertainment

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MTSA administration, faculty, and staff will abide by the values of the School by abstaining from the use of alcohol while on the School premises or when representing the School in any capacity at any location. It is the policy of the School to avoid the purchase or serving of any alcoholic beverages or to serve unclean meats as described in Leviticus, Chapter 11.


  • All employees, faculty, staff, and students are required to abstain from the purchase or consumption of alcohol when at any MTSA-sponsored meal or function or when representing MTSA at professional meetings, conferences, or any other activity interfacing with or relating to the public or professional peers.
  • Sponsorship of Alcoholic Beverages
    • MTSA welcomes pharmaceutical or other representatives to the School. It is expected that any activities sponsored by any representatives be in harmony with the School philosophy and policies
    • Pharmaceutical companies and faculty are asked not to sponsor any activity for the students of MTSA where alcoholic beverages are provided for by the pharmaceutical representative or by the faculty member.
    • In keeping with the Christian Seventh-day Adventist philosophy of the School and given the documented danger of substance abuse in the profession of anesthesia, MTSA believes this policy to be in the best interest of MTSA and its students.
  • Food and Entertainment
    • Educational materials, speaker sponsorships, meals, snacks, and related activities are welcomed and much appreciated. Such meals may include meats that are Biblically designated as clean meats, and do not include meats considered by the Bible to be unclean, such as pork or scavengers as described in Leviticus, Chapter 11.
    • When students are in attendance at meetings not sponsored by the School (such as the Tennessee Association of Nurse Anesthetists or the American Association of Nurses Anesthetists), and drug representatives or other health care providers sponsor activities where alcohol is involved, students are encouraged to remember the philosophy of the School.