Community Course Refund Policy

Policy Number: 
3/14/2022 (Pending BOT Approval)

Any student who wishes to withdraw from a community course must notify the instructor in writing of this action.  

Refund Policy 

MTSA will permit any student to cancel their enrollment agreement in a community course within five days of the enrollment day. Should a cancellation occur, MTSA will refund 100% of the tuition payment that was made by the student, minus the non-refundable portion (30%) submitted to hold the student's position in the class. Students who have been given a medical withdrawal are assessed and adjusted no differently than other withdrawals. 

Pro-Rata Refund 

If a student withdraws or is terminated from the program after the period allowed for cancellation of the enrollment agreement and has completed 60% or less of the period of attendance (semester), the student is entitled to a partial prorated refund. MTSA will calculate whether a tuition refund is due and if so, remit a refund within 45 days following the student’s withdrawal or termination. The pro-rata percentage is based on days of attendance within the period of attendance. Please contact the Business Office (615-732-7852) for more information. 

Determination of the Withdrawal Date 

The student’s withdrawal date is the date the student sends written notification of intent to withdraw to the instructor.  

MTSA Internal Withdrawal Procedures: 

  1. Notify in writing (i.e. email) the instructor who will in turn notify the Program Director and Registrar of your intent to withdraw. 

  1. Schedule an appointment with the Vice President of Academics if requested.